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This case concerned a racially hostile work environment where one of the local prosecutors had a conversation with the only African-American prosecutor referencing "hanging people from trees" and a "white pointy hat". The case was tried in June 2012. Testimony was interesting and the individuals in charge clearly did not understand the situation.
Result: Jury verdict for the plaintiff of $510,000
My client was charged with two felonies. Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and Unlawful restraing causing serious bodily injury. Both charges were tried together. The alleged "victim" had fabricated the events of the evening. My client was asleep in bed when the police surrounded him and accused him of having a knife. The case was complicated by the fact that my client, at the time of his arrest, was on parole. He spent months in jail until we managed to get a jury trial.
Result: Two Not Guilty verdicts
This case was an extended will contest. My client's son did not contest his father's will and then decided to sue the estate for ownership to a piece of real property worth $1,000,000.00 and the repayment of a money my client allegedly agreed was a loan. In pretrial hearings, I forced the election by the son of a certain type of property suit. Due to that election, I made demand for the preparation of property documents by the son. I was provided a single deed. I waited until the jury was in the hall and informed the judge (very knowledgable) who, on the day of trial, ruled that no evidence would be coming in on the $1,000,000.00 property. Before the jury was in the room, I won the property portion of the case. We tried the alleged loan to the jury.
Result: Verdict for my client
My client was charged with the theft of an iPhone. I set up two issues for an appeal. The first was improper testimony on cell phone tracking. The other was illegally obtaining evidence (the police burglarized my client's car). At the conclusion of the State's case, they had not managed, in my opinion, to link my client to the iPhone being taken.
Result: 20 minute Not Guilty verdict
Denton County and others managed to forget to do a single legal thing to put 12 acres of concrete road on my client's property. Inverse condemnation proceedings were begun. We had pretrial hearings and conducted discovery (taking the deposition of their "expert") and ended up in mediation as ordered by the court.
Result: Settlement of the case with very large amount to the client.
My client was charged with assaulting a fellow inmate in the Denton County Jail and the prosecutors enhanced him due to his prior convictions. Our wonderful district attorney's office had actually retrieved my client from prison for a pending misdemeanor. After that misdemeanor was resolved, the prison officials took their time coming to retrieve him as he had another four years to complete his prison sentence. One of the other inmates created a situation in the "tank" my client was in. My client believed that this other inmate, who had just been transferred to my client's "tank" due to fighting with another inmate in the other "tank", was about to hit him. Knowing this, a fight ensued. It was on video.
Result: Not Guilty verdict
(Frankly, this is a good example of our DA office not properly assessing a case. They had no viable way, in my opinion, to call the "victim" and I'm pretty sure they didn't want to put him on the stand because he only spoke Arabic and some smattering of English. Further, I'm sure they would have loved to have me go into the pending Aggravated Assault charge on him.... I'm not entirely confident that my abilities created this result but it is what it is.)
After some degree of publicity, heirs to a poor woman sought us out to file suit to oppose the will secured by undue influence. The victim of the undue influence had been the subject of a guardianship. Virtually every person involved in the guardianship proceeding managed to be the beneficiary of her will created after enough time had elapsed for those people to exclude everyone else from her presenced. We conducted pretrial discovery and ended up in mediation.
Result: Settlement of the case with very large amount to the clients.

My client, as a result of her medical conditions, accepted a plea bargain resulting in being on deferred adjudication for 2 years. Almost immediately after being placed on deferred, this client had significant issues with her son's "baby-momma" and was arrested for criminal mischief. I tried everything I could to resolve the case without a hearing [which typically results in a trip to prison] and, understandably, it did not work. At the hearing, I pointed out the issues with all the players and the probation department.
Result: Client was allowed to be continued on deferred.
(Once again, I am unsure as to whether this result was obtained due to my efforts or the fact that my client had SERIOUS medical issues. I did manage to bring all of those issue forward for the judge to hear by way of subpoenaing the proper witnesses and cross-examining the State's witnesses on their position. I guesss, in the end, I did have some part to play in the situation, but I am not willing to accept full responsibility for this outcome.)
My client was sued by one of the 'bad debt' buyers for an alleged 20 year old note. I counterclaimed against them for illegal debt collection. The depths of some of their activity is astounding. This case was complicated by the fact that simple civil issues were not understood by the judge or the opposing attorney. It is my belief the opposing attorney was intentionally ignorant. We spent a week in front of a jury. The opposing attorney fumbled all over the courtroom and had a great fondness for blown up exhibits. In my closing argument, I wrote all over his exhibits showing the jury why they should not win.
Result: Jury verdict against both the debt collector and my client
(This case is a good example of how the interrelation of judge, jury, opposing counsel, law and the facts can create a situation where, despite your best efforts, you don't "win" for the client. The big win here was preventing the debt collectors from getting a judgment against my client - it would have ended up, with 20 years of interest, being hundreds of thousands of dollars. The practicality of an appeal prevented us from going to the higher court, unfortunately.)

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